Deep in the heart…

If there has ever been a time to make sure my brave girl boots are on snuggly it’s today. Tomorrow, after five very eventful and colorful years in DC, I will be shipping out and putting down roots in Austin, TX! Those that know me best, know that this is something that I have been wanting to do for so very long, and about one month ago I made the executive decision that I would move to Austin with or without a job at the end of my lease in October. The good news? I’m gainfully employed in Texas, will have a roof over my head, and some truly motivating people by my side. It’s pretty spectacular what you can make happen when you give yourself no other option but to succeed. I’ve had my ups and downs with our Nation’s capital, but when you look past all the metro delays and $15 cocktails, I’ve had some unmatched experiences. 2 Presidential elections, 2 Inaugurations, 4th of Julys on the National Mall, midnight runs by the monuments, 1 snowpocalypse, 2 years of Mock Trial, 2 Cowboys at Redskins games, and 3 degrees from GW later it’s time to start a new chapter, and I’m so excited that the pen hits the paper tomorrow. Who knows how much I’ll be blogging about the journey. I’d like to, but I tend to let this guy fall to the side when things get stressful in my life and my word has this journey already proven to be stressful. Time will tell. Cheers, DC! Until next time.






Different Strokes

It’s been nearly nine months since I moved into my little home, and I often forget just how much work I’ve done to make it feel like mine. This weekend while I was cleaning out the files on my computer, I came across the original photos that were posted to the Craigslist ad for my place, and it was quite the welcome reminder what a little love, patience, and sweat can do to a space. Let’s go for a spin down memory lane…

Living Area – Then

apt 2apt 4

Living Area – Now


Kitchen – Then

apt 1

apt 5

Kitchen – Now



And my personal favorite… Bathroom – Then

apt 3

Bathroom – Now

Closet Curtain and Frames 039

It’s pretty spectacular what you can do with a little imagination and a grad student budget. Bless the colorful woman that lived in my home before me, but may I never be tasked with decorating a room alongside her. Can’t wait to keep watching this place take shape.

Curtain Call

When I first moved into my new apartment, I decided to hang my curtains from my old apartment in the living area. They worked to an extent – added some color, covered my window – but they were far too long, and when I bought my area rug they quickly stuck out like a sore thumb. I knew I wanted to replace them with something yellow or mustardy to tie into the rug. I scoured etsy, my go-to place for all fabric (really you can find anything on there). After many days of internal conflict (I’m telling you… the things I stress over are laughable), I settled on this guy.


The commas just make this grammar nerd weak in the knees! After the fabric arrived, it sat on my kitchen table for nearly a month as do many of the projects I undertake. But finally this weekend, a fire was lit under my behind, and I broke out the iron and hem tape. I won’t bore you with the details of my no-sew curtains again. You can read how I made them here if you really want to. The only thing I did differently was used scrap fabric to make tabs at the top instead of threading jute through the fabric. Now let’s get down to the good stuff – the AFTER photos! (P.S. I know they look more orange, but I was shooting at night in terrible lighting and I just couldn’t get my white balance right.)




Unlike my old curtains which had 4 fat tabs for hanging, this time I made 8 skinnier tabs. Not to reinforce society’s standards of skinnier is better, but it was definitely a better choice as they hang much more evenly.

DSC_0072 DSC_0074

Comma comma comma.


Have I mentioned I love my apartment?


Gallery Additions

Those of you that know me best know that I’m a total junkie for live music. Getting to see my favorite bands live is a feeling that never gets old. There is something about each imperfection and the way the music fills every last inch of my whole self that always keeps me coming back for more. Each show is unique and memorable in its own right, so I like to keep reminders around me of those experiences. Pictures and videos are always good to have, but my favorite thing to take away from a live show is the set list, particularly if I’ve seen that particular band more than once. It’s nice to have a way to remember how each show was different from the last. Some of my smaller set lists I keep pinned in my cube at work, but two of my set lists from this year got framed and added to the gallery. I ordered two simple black frames when I ordered my bigger poster frames from K-mart. I threw on a quick layer of gray paint to match the rest of my gallery frames and quickly added them to the wall. Sorry for the low quality photos. I only had my iPhone with me.

photo 2

Adding the set lists made for some strange empty spaces, so I’ll be filling those in soon. I also added a sweet little banner above my headboard, which I think makes the space feel a little more complete.

photo 3

I’ve Been Framed

One of the first projects I tackled  in this apartment was hanging art above my recliner. However, after the art was hung it needed to be switched… and quickly! While I speedily made the decision to take that artwork down, it took me  7 months to finally decide on a replacement. Truth is I couldn’t be happier with my choice. Once again, my patience was rewarded! I had three posters from some of my favorite artists: the Wheeler Brothers, the Kopecky Family Band, and Shakey Graves. (Go on… give ’em a listen. You won’t regret it). These guys sat lonely on my kitchen table for months before I finally caved and bought 3 matching frames from K-Mart (surprisingly not ugly and affordable). I popped those suckers in there, did some brain splitting measurements, and finally got them on the wall. The result is spectacular.





I could not be happier. I hope to add three more on the opposing wall at some point, but don’t have more posters to fill the emptiness just yet. If only I could get some from other favorite bands of mine ::cough:: Marmalakes ::cough:: Wild Child ::cough:: Anyways. Very much enjoying my wall. I find myself staring at it randomly throughout the evening. But I finished school, so I’m allowed to do that now.

I’m baaaaack!

It’s been over 3 months since I posted on this bad boy, and I am thrilled to finally be back! The last several months were jam packed with school, work, and incredible experiences so much so that my dear old blog got left in the dust. By far the biggest intruder of blog life was grad school. But after many research papers, all-nighters, and one very stressful capstone defense, I am officially done with school forever! (Or at least for the next 10 years. As my mom told me, “never say never.”) Don’t believe me? Here is a little glance at my all-too-detailed planner from March and April.

photo (12)

So. While I was gone, a few things happened. Here’s a quick recap.

  • I ran my very first half marathon, the Nike Women’s Half!

half marathon

  • I graduated.


  • I helped plan the GW Class of 2012 1st year reunion.


  • I saw so many of my favorite bands live and finally went to Bonnaroo!!

Wheeler Brothers at the Hamilton


He’s My Brother She’s My Sister at the Black Cat


Roooooo! How I miss you!


Lucius at Bonnaroo

He's My Brother She's My Sister, take 2 at Bonnaroo

He’s My Brother She’s My Sister, take 2 at Bonnaroo

Sons of Fathers at Bonnaroo

Sons of Fathers at Bonnaroo

Needless to say, it’s been a busy few months. The one thing I haven’t done? Work on my apartment. But now that school is over and my responsibilities do not extend beyond my job, I am so ready to get back into the DIY swing of things. So cheers to real life and the many projects ahead! Let’s do this.

Gold Boots Glitter

Okay y’all. This post has nothing to do with my apartment, but this project still qualifies as DIY so bear with me.

In 6 days, one of my favorite bands, The Wheeler Brothers, will be performing at the Hamilton. Naturally when I found out this devilishly handsome and talented group from ATX was headed to my neck of the woods I had a minor freak out. Tickets were immediately purchased, and I quickly realized I had quite the fun DIY project ahead of me.

On April 2nd, The Wheeler Brothers will be releasing their new album, Gold Boots Glitter. To market their new album, the band has been littering Austin, TX with pairs of gold boots (genius I say). So I knew that there was only one way that this boot-loving girl could watch the Wheeler Bros live… why in gold boots of course! So I found me an old pair of Dan Posts online, made a trip to my Ace Hardware Store (they know me well now), and got to work. The hardest part? Finding a place to spray paint when you live in a small apartment behind a cafe. I managed to find a space by the trash cans, but it was certainly not without my fair share of confused and skeptical stares. I took all of these photos with my iPhone so apologies for low quality.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Final product. What do y’all think?

DSC_0095 DSC_0103

They even have glitter glue stitching 🙂


The best part is I got to add yet another pair of boots to the collection. I think they fit in nicely.

photo (5)

Needless to say… I can’t WAIT for Saturday! Wahoooo! In the meantime, I’ll spread some Wheeler Brotherly love with you to hold us over for the next 6 days. Enjoy!

Love At First Sight

One addition to my home that I have been desperately searching for was a small entry table to live under my new mirror. The hunt has proven to be quite the challenge. The table had to be just right – not so deep that it would interfere with opening my front door, not so wide that it would run into my electrical outlets, and tall enough to meet my mirror at the right height. I didn’t want to just buy any old table online and decided I would wait for the right piece to find me. And Saturday afternoon it did! I was browsing at the Ross near me, which usually has quite the skimpy furniture collection, but there she was. And let me tell you, she is truly perfect.

Here she is! Trying to name her because she really is name-worthy. Suggestions are welcome.



I love that I now have a place for my larger hardbacks. That Young House Love book has been begging for a better home! The hardware is also removable so I plan on finding something a bit anthro inspired to better match the rest of the space.


Ain’t she a beaut?


Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! I just adore any day where we get to openly celebrate loving one another. My heart feels so very full. To celebrate, I made my annual Valentine’s Day heart shaped cookies. Unfortunately Wednesdays are class nights, so the cookie baking didn’t begin until about 10:30 pm and concluded around 1:30 am (there were some other chores thrown in there too).

ImageHere’s part of my batch that I brought for work (with an appropriately printed George Washington Valentine’s card to boot).

ImageCongrats to all the lucky recipients of these bad boys. Including the man at Whole Foods who gave me a free bag of flour last night. You’ve got some cookies headed your way!

Looking forward to continuing my Valentine’s Day celebration tonight with my dear friend from home. Dinner, wine, maybe a little high school throw back with the OC – true Galentine’s day festivities. Can’t wait! Until then, I’ll leave you with some of my favorite gushy love songs. Apologies for the hipster-y side of me. I try to hide it when I can.

“Somebody Loved” – The Weepies


“Darling Divine” – Wild Child


“Thinking, Drinking, Sinking, Feeling” – Slow Club


Go give someone special a hug. So much love to you all!