Out with the old!

My heart is happy to finally be writing this inaugural post. I wasn’t quite sure when to launch this puppy, but the time feels right and I’m finally starting to see some positive changes taking shape around me.

Last Wednesday I spent my Halloween moving the last of my life from my old apartment in DC to my happy new home in Northern Virginia. Except it didn’t start off so happy. For weeks I was surrounded by chaos in DC and found myself displaced into more chaos.

But after one night on an air mattress and nearly a week of unpacking, I’m excited to say that I’m seeing some order return to my space and my mind. Spices have found their way into my cabinets, curtains have been hung over the windows, and my one embarrassingly small closet has quickly filled up.

There is still quite a bit to be done (on top of the priority list: hook up my internet!), but I’m finally starting to see the potential in this space that I saw nearly a month ago when I viewed it for the first time. And oh does that potential make me smile!

Notably the biggest change in this move is the fact that I am living alone for the first time in nearly 3 years. I didn’t want to do it but knew I had to. It is scary and overwhelming, but every day I start to feel more comfortable and settled. This was by far the main reason for starting this blog. While studying abroad in the Summer of 2011, I faced some of my biggest personal and emotional challenges to date. Blogging about the experience helped me through much of it and helped me see the beauty in pushing one’s limits. I hope that this blog will help me to do the same.

To keep me on this track, I’ll leave you with some words from two of my favorites, Melody and Kathy at Brave Girls Club:

Please don’t be afraid of change, dear friend, change has to happen for things to grow…for things to get better…..for things to become what they are meant to become. Change is good. Change is uncomfortable and scary and sometimes seems unnecessary….but change MUST happen for things to progress.

You have a choice in this moment and in the next….and the next and the next and the next. So, if it’s too hard to choose peace in this moment….know that you have the choice to choose it in the next. You get as many chances as you need to choose to feel peace……and, you can do this. You can feel peace even inside of uncertainty.

Just be still, and listen very closely.

Listening closely. Trying hard to choose peace.


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