Fired up and ready to go!

It’s here. Finalllyyy! It’s election day! And I prepared my steel cut oats perfectly this morning despite having woken up late, which I’m pretty sure means the stars have aligned in my favor and the universe is ready to hand me the result I’ve been waiting over a year to hear. But of course only time will tell. And until then I’ll be biting my fingernails, shooing away butterflies, and shaking in these brave girl boots.

It’s no surprise that I have my issues with DC. The people aren’t polite, there is more construction than should even be possible, and the competitive, cut-throat energy leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But there is something about being in the District on election day that is unmatchable. At GW we call them only at GW moments (shameless work plug you know you want to click on the link). But really, there is nothing like watching the election results just blocks from the White House. And while I still don’t see myself ever staying in this city for the long term, I’m trying to enjoy these moments while I am still here. To know that I was at the center of history in 2008 and will be again in 2012 still gives me goosebumps and it reminds me why I chose this school for undergrad… and grad school… oh yeah and as my employer.

Election Night 2008 in front of the White House

And sure, my absentee vote doesn’t really count… thanks a lot Rocky Top. But I couldn’t ever imagine NOT voting. As the daughter of two Cuban immigrants, just knowing I am a part of this process feels like such a privilege. So thank you Mom, Dad, and my fearless grandparents. I’ll be taking in today from in front of the White House. But I’ll still be celebrating with some frijoles negros and a piece of cornbread, because you can’t ever forget where you come from.

Saludos! And go vote!


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