Alumnae in the District

Tonight was so very lovely. After quite the long day at work, I headed over to Clyde’s in Gallery Place for an alumni gathering for St. Mary’s, my high school.


It was so so rewarding to hear all of the incredible things that these ladies are accomplishing. St. Mary’s is no ordinary place. Having gone there for 15 years it played a crucial role in who I am. It instilled in me my value system, acceptance, responsibility, and integrity. This all girls school is truly a unique place, and it meant so much to see what incredible women it has and continues to produce. I cannot thank my parents enough for making me a part of that legacy. And after a very challenging few days, it was such a nice reminder of all of the ways I have been and continue to be blessed.

Not sure why I look so unhappy…

I would not trade my St. Mary’s family for anything.

Feeling so lucky.

P.S. in other news I now enter day NINE with no Internet. Here’s a nice reminder from my boy, Andrew Bird, that there is beauty around us and we shouldn’t always convert it into 0s and 1s. Though it is certainly a challenge… Binary code makes the world an easier place. And apologies. I can’t embed video on my phone so this sad little link will do but it’s definitely worth clicking 🙂



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