Amanda: 1 Comcast: 0

I now enter day 10 of the no internet malaise. Tuesday evening I left work early to wait at home for the Comcast technician to set up my internet. I was planning on getting everything set up and high tailing it back to GW to cover the election night watch parties on campus for work.

I got to my apartment at 5 and the technician was supposed to arrive between 5-7. At 6:30, still no sketchy guy making corny jokes knocking on my door. I called Comcast who said there was nothing they could do. At 6:55, still no technician, so I called Comcast back and they sent a message to the dispatcher who was supposed to give me a call within the next 20 minutes. At 7:30, still no technician, still no dispatch call, so I called Comcast for a third time and angrily canceled my appointment.

I sometimes don’t like to admit this, but I am that person. I send my soup back when it’s cold. I complain when the customer service is abysmal. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not an unreasonable person, but when I pay my hard earned money on something, I expect to get what I paid for. Nothing more nothing less. I’m also a pseudo extreme couponer. As of today I have saved nearly $400 at CVS using coupons this year. $20 purchases usually end up costing me around $1-2. And trust me, as a grad student who is paying tuition out of pocket, $400 is a lot. Think of all the groceries…. or bottles of wine… you can buy with that!

Needless to say, I hate incompetence, bad customer service, and I love to save money. So when Comcast told me I would still have to pay the $30 installation fee when I called to reschedule my set-up and they couldn’t come until this coming Tuesday, I nearly lost it. Well no, I did lose it. I put on my game face (game voice?) and did my thang. Result? Free installation scheduled for this Sunday afternoon. There is a reason my sisters have me pose as them when they have to call and complain about an online order.

I’m still skeptical this guy’s actually going to show up on Sunday. And if he doesn’t, can you say “Free 3 months of internet?!” That will be my next goal. Until then, here’s to hoping, praying, and a little rain dancing that I will be showering in wifi by this time on Monday.

Hanging up my gloves for now.


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