When One Door Closes

If you’ve checked out my “Change in Progress” page you’ve seen my bathroom door. And once you’ve seen it… it’s hard to forget. I have no idea what sad soul lived in this unit before me but I just can’t begin to digest the decorating choices he/she made. I mean… if puke orange makes you feel awesome, then I guess go for it. But did you have to leave me the leftover paint underneath the sink? That’s just salt in the wound.

After having stared at this thing for nearly two weeks (even two hours was too much), I knew it had to go. While my ‘boys were playing the Eagles I got nervous and decided to take my mind off the game and finally paint the eyesore (soul-sore?).

It could still use a few touch ups here and there, but this puppy is looking whistle worthy if I do say so myself. I also plan on spraying that 90s-tastic brass doorknob a nice shade of Rustoleum Oil-Rubbed-Bronze. Still much to do in the bathroom and kitchen, but I figure you can’t start in a better spot than a doorway. The door is open people! Let the renos continue!


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