It’s the Little Things

Two quick things that have made me quite content today:

1. I finally hung my curtains!

I have two curtain panels that I made for my old apartment. I had originally hung one panel on each of my two living area windows. Unfortunately they weren’t quite wide enough and left a little to be desired. But tonight, I finally decided to move both panels to one window, and I am so happy with the result.

I’ll probably just end up buying some generic white curtains for the second window, but I love how my handmade ones fill out the big blank wall in my space. They still need some hemming, but they’ll do for now!

2. My first extraneous apartment purchase arrived today!

Last week I bought two antique rake heads to use as decorative storage. I’ll be using one in my kitchen to hold my wine glasses (so Pinterest, I know). And the second will go in my bathroom and hold my necklaces. I threw one up in the kitchen to see how it looks and I’m obsessed. Once those orange walls go, it will be perfect.

I’m so in love with both.

Letting the little things bring me a smile.


One thought on “It’s the Little Things

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