I’m Dreaming of My White Bathroom

(Since I’m desperate to listen to Christmas music but am restricting myself until after Thursday, I’ll just live vicariously through my post’s title… sigh).

Finally finally finally! I made the trek to the hardware store, bought more paint, and painted my ugly blue bathroom.

I managed to clear everything out but didn’t feel like clearing out my entire wardrobe. Because my closet has no door (curtains to come soon hopefully) I had to improvise. I hung a tension rod in the doorway and was able to fashion a curtain out of one of my old drop cloths. Verdict: success. No paint on my clothes so far as I can tell.

Halfway through the fumes started to get to me. So obviously I paused for a selfie.

6 hours and 2 really sore quads later…

I am so so happy with the result. It feels so much bigger and cleaner. Still have lots of fun details planned for the bathroom, which I’m hoping will come soon!

Basking in the glory.


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