I love Pinterest. I’ve been a member since June 2011 and am equally obsessed now as I was then. So as soon as I got word that my little happy home in Old Town was in fact mine, I started pinning.

Recently, a number of blogs have popped up like Pintrosity and Pintester that test and often fail at the craft, recipe, etc they find on Pinterest. It’s a clever idea and fairly amusing, but what frustrates me the most about these sites is that the blogger will make a comment like, “I didn’t have any baking soda so I just used laundry detergent instead.” Then they gawk over the fact that their project was a total disaster. Granted this is an exaggeration, but the reality is there are a lot of creative and doable ideas on Pinterest. Anyone that’s heard of Katie and Sherry’s Pinterest Challenge knows that’s the case. In fact, one of my favorite Pinterest victories was my 4th of July flag cake.

For. The. Win.

As soon as I moved, there were two projects I knew I wanted to tackle sooner rather than later, but both depended on me painting my bathroom. Now that that’s done, I was finally able to check them off the list.

The first I mentioned when I hung up my rake head wine glass holder. I had also wanted to use a rake head to hang the necklaces I wear all the time. Here was my Pinspiration:

Via Pinterest

And here’s my final product!

I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. It feels so very old, rustic, and girly – just my style 🙂 The second project was also a fun storage solution since I have so very little. Here is my Pinspiration:

Via Pinterest

Before I moved out of DC, I bought two apple crates at the Foggy Bottom Farmer’s Market that I’ve been saving for this project. Since they are fairly unwieldy, I cut out its shape on a piece of newspaper and marked where the slits in the crate were for the nails.

With a ruler and leveler, I marked off where the nails would go to insure the crate would be straight. I hammered the nails through the newspaper and then tore down the paper. The first one went up extremely easily. The second was much more stubborn. After a lot of improvisation and a few extra holes in my wall… I finally got that sucker up. And I am in love!! Final product:

Can you hear my heart singing? I am so so obsessed! It’s amazing what two small additions can do to my mood. I am so loving watching this place transform and am so excited to see what else is in store for my humble home.

Loving and embracing the changes around me.


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