In Headboard Heaven

Yesterday I arrived back to Virginia bright and early after a lovely Thanksgiving weekend in my mom’s new home in Carmel, IN. While I’m loving the Hoosier spirit, I could totally do without the face-chapping, bone-chilling, where-my-hot-hands-at temperatures. But despite the weather the fam and I enjoyed a delicious meal and let’s be real… lots of sangria.

Check out our spread.

I made it home around 9:30 am to find my supplies for my headboard had arrived! While I had planned to go back to sleep immediately, I caught the DIY bug and next thing I knew my staple gun was in my hand. Here’s a quick rundown of how it went.

I started with an old upholstered wooden frame that used to hang above my bed in my DC apartment, 1/2 inch thick batting, and natural burlap.

Next I rolled out the burlap on the floor, followed by the batting, and finally laid the wooden frame on top so it looked like this.

Since the batting was so thick and I had doubled it up, I decided to secure it with a few staples first. Then I just pulled the burlap taut and stapled it to the wooden frame. After I was done upholstering, I hammered in a few nails and hung it behind my bed. I haven’t received my pretty new duvet yet (it’s scheduled to arrive today!) so please forgive the lame white blanket :/

I think once my duvet arrives and I have a few throw pillows it’ll really come together. The good news? It hasn’t fallen yet. That’s worth at least one point.

After it was finished, I gave my newly headboarded bed a good 5 hour spin. No shame.

Now for a new duvet and Christmas decorations! Let the season begin!


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