So THIS happened…

Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 10.00.53 AM


As of about an hour ago, I am officially registered for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC! Part of me is screaming “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, YOU FOOL!” but another part of me is beaming and so excited to get started. And after the week I have had, anything that brings a smile to my face is worth pursuing.

So it begins! I’m ready to tackle the farthest distance I have ever run! And I’m thoroughly looking forward to getting super in shape in the process… Holla!

Also, I am completely aware that my DIY-ing has slowed to an abysmal rate. Finals, work, and some personal stuff has got me in a DIY funk. I’m working on a tree skirt and some other fun things, and I’m hoping in the next few days I’ll finish at least one of the projects I have halfway completed and left in the middle of my apartment.

Until then… let the training begin!



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