The January Cure: Days 1 & 2

2013 is upon us and I”m feeling particularly focused on finding ways to eliminate negativity from my life. So when I heard about Apartment Therapy’s “The January Cure” I knew it would be the perfect way to start the year with positivity and clarity. The first day’s task of the cure was to do a walk through of your home and make a project list for 2013. I somewhat already had one of these, but have decided to make it a bit more comprehensive as per the cure. So here’s what I came up with by room.

Living Area:

  • Find a small sideboard/buffet for under mirror
  • Organize the chaos between my bed and the wall
  • Make or buy new curtains
  • Buy throw pillows to match the rug
  • Organize the mess behind my recliner
  • Paint my picture frames grey and create a photo gallery
  • Put a long floating shelf above my bed
  • Find an antique trunk for under my window



  • Paint the walls
  • Paint kitchen cabinets
  • Organize food cabinet
  • Buy a large barn star for the wall



  • Make no-sew curtains to cover my closet
  • Finish installing my new towel bar
  • Find a way to organize all of my earrings
  • Add more storage for my shoes


I have since updated my project list page above to include all of these new additions. And it feels so good to be able to see all that I want to do written in ink… html?

The second day’s task of the cure was to create an “outbox” or a space in your home where you place items you are unsure of. While Apartment Therapy suggested designating a corner of a room, my baby studio’s corners are all occupied so instead I’ve designated an “outbag.” It’s already filled with items I’ve been debating about for far too long. And you know what? Just by pulling those suckers out of my closet, I’ve already got a Friday afternoon trip planned to consign the items at the Current Boutique down the street.

Loving loving this much needed purge! If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up for the January Cure and happy cleansing!


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