Finding Balance

With the start of my last full semester of grad school, I have found myself struggling to keep a healthy balance among all of my responsibilities and commitments. While I know that working full time while going to school full time is only temporary I find myself dreadfully overwhelmed and often end up doing nothing instead of trying to take the first bite out of the tower of things on my plate. This brilliant strategy ultimately leaves me in worse shape than I was in before and creates a nasty circle of no productivity. So, to help me stay focused I’ve decided to make one realistic promise to myself in every aspect of my life. And hopefully by sharing them here, I’ll force myself to stick to them.


Grad School:

    • Do not let a day go by without doing at least one school related task.



    • Spend at least one hour a day entirely in Final Cut with nothing else open. Because once I get in the zone, I stay in the zone. 


Half Marathon Training:

    • Keep a set of running clothes in the office so I never have the excuse that it’s too cold to run outside, and I don’t have clothes with me to go to the gym. 


Apartment Renovations:

    • Don’t update something just to update it. Take the time to really figure out what I want from my space and wait for the perfect items to come along. 


Personal Life: 

    • Continue to do what makes me happy but be more cognizant of budgets. Opt for nights in with friends instead of dropping $15 on one cocktail. 


And of course, to help keep me focused here are some wise words from my favorite ladies Kathy and Melody from Brave Girls Club:

Do you over commit and then beat yourself up when you under-deliver? 

Are there a million things on your list that were really really important that you didn’t even get to because you got caught up in doing things that weren’t nearly AS important?

Ok now. Take a deep breath. Now take another one. One more.

Remember that you are wonderful. You are loved. And, phenomenal friend, amazing woman, you are a human being. You DO have limitations.

When you don’t stop to rest, to think, to recharge, to remember, to restore, you end up grouchy, tired, uncreative, angry and numb to lots of life. You are a sparkling, beautiful girl and we need that sparkle. So STOP today and make a list. Prioritize it. Be realistic…

Say yes to yourself, to joy, to rest, to being 100% present to the things that matter most to you — instead of a tired and diluted version who has too much to do to ever do her best at ANYTHING. Don’t lose yourself while you are trying to be everything to everyone….

If at all possible, only have enough on your plate that you can do your best at everything you have to do. Your life will take on new meaning and happiness.

Just practice. This is a hard one, but so worth it. Hang in there. You are loved!



They always know exactly what to say. Here is to staying focused and refreshed!


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