Deep in the heart…

If there has ever been a time to make sure my brave girl boots are on snuggly it’s today. Tomorrow, after five very eventful and colorful years in DC, I will be shipping out and putting down roots in Austin, TX! Those that know me best, know that this is something that I have been wanting to do for so very long, and about one month ago I made the executive decision that I would move to Austin with or without a job at the end of my lease in October. The good news? I’m gainfully employed in Texas, will have a roof over my head, and some truly motivating people by my side. It’s pretty spectacular what you can make happen when you give yourself no other option but to succeed. I’ve had my ups and downs with our Nation’s capital, but when you look past all the metro delays and $15 cocktails, I’ve had some unmatched experiences. 2 Presidential elections, 2 Inaugurations, 4th of Julys on the National Mall, midnight runs by the monuments, 1 snowpocalypse, 2 years of Mock Trial, 2 Cowboys at Redskins games, and 3 degrees from GW later it’s time to start a new chapter, and I’m so excited that the pen hits the paper tomorrow. Who knows how much I’ll be blogging about the journey. I’d like to, but I tend to let this guy fall to the side when things get stressful in my life and my word has this journey already proven to be stressful. Time will tell. Cheers, DC! Until next time.







One thought on “Deep in the heart…

  1. Dude! Austin is a wonderful place. Beautiful people, great weather, and more things to do than anyone could possibly have time for. Hang out at Flipnotics (my favorite coffeeshop in the city) and tell them hi for me.

    Good luck, and eat lots of tacos.

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