Gold Boots Glitter

Okay y’all. This post has nothing to do with my apartment, but this project still qualifies as DIY so bear with me.

In 6 days, one of my favorite bands, The Wheeler Brothers, will be performing at the Hamilton. Naturally when I found out this devilishly handsome and talented group from ATX was headed to my neck of the woods I had a minor freak out. Tickets were immediately purchased, and I quickly realized I had quite the fun DIY project ahead of me.

On April 2nd, The Wheeler Brothers will be releasing their new album, Gold Boots Glitter. To market their new album, the band has been littering Austin, TX with pairs of gold boots (genius I say). So I knew that there was only one way that this boot-loving girl could watch the Wheeler Bros live… why in gold boots of course! So I found me an old pair of Dan Posts online, made a trip to my Ace Hardware Store (they know me well now), and got to work. The hardest part? Finding a place to spray paint when you live in a small apartment behind a cafe. I managed to find a space by the trash cans, but it was certainly not without my fair share of confused and skeptical stares. I took all of these photos with my iPhone so apologies for low quality.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Final product. What do y’all think?

DSC_0095 DSC_0103

They even have glitter glue stitching 🙂


The best part is I got to add yet another pair of boots to the collection. I think they fit in nicely.

photo (5)

Needless to say… I can’t WAIT for Saturday! Wahoooo! In the meantime, I’ll spread some Wheeler Brotherly love with you to hold us over for the next 6 days. Enjoy!