Curtain Call

When I first moved into my new apartment, I decided to hang my curtains from my old apartment in the living area. They worked to an extent – added some color, covered my window – but they were far too long, and when I bought my area rug they quickly stuck out like a sore thumb. I knew I wanted to replace them with something yellow or mustardy to tie into the rug. I scoured etsy, my go-to place for all fabric (really you can find anything on there). After many days of internal conflict (I’m telling you… the things I stress over are laughable), I settled on this guy.


The commas just make this grammar nerd weak in the knees! After the fabric arrived, it sat on my kitchen table for nearly a month as do many of the projects I undertake. But finally this weekend, a fire was lit under my behind, and I broke out the iron and hem tape. I won’t bore you with the details of my no-sew curtains again. You can read how I made them here if you really want to. The only thing I did differently was used scrap fabric to make tabs at the top instead of threading jute through the fabric. Now let’s get down to the good stuff – the AFTER photos! (P.S. I know they look more orange, but I was shooting at night in terrible lighting and I just couldn’t get my white balance right.)




Unlike my old curtains which had 4 fat tabs for hanging, this time I made 8 skinnier tabs. Not to reinforce society’s standards of skinnier is better, but it was definitely a better choice as they hang much more evenly.

DSC_0072 DSC_0074

Comma comma comma.


Have I mentioned I love my apartment?



A Ruffled Winter Wonderland

About a month ago I made a leap and bought a new duvet cover that was way girlier than  anything I’ve ever owned, but I figured hey what the… hay? Bad joke. I ordered it through Ebay from a retailer in India. After about two weeks I still had no word that it had shipped, so I sent them a message to which they replied that they had had an entire week off to celebrate Diwali and my order had not yet been processed.

I was no doubt frustrated, but as festive of a person as I am, I couldn’t get mad over holiday celebrations. So I patiently waited for my new duvet. FedEx made their first attempt to deliver it the Friday after Thanksgiving, but because I was in Indiana they were unable to deliver it. The Monday after I returned I left the doortag signed on my door, but that evening still no package. I called FedEx and calmly explained what happened, so they made a note to the driver to leave the package no matter what. The next evening when I arrived home there was still no package. So I called FedEx and less calmly explained what happened. 24 hours later I had my duvet FINALLY!!!

DSC_0014DSC_0024I think the ruffles need some time to become less stiff and unwrinkle, but so far I love it. And it feels so cozy and welcoming. I need to buy two fuller pillows for the shams and some sweet throw pillows. On the to-do list. I also had to add a small buffer at the foot of the bed for my sweet sweet kitten. Okay she’s no kitten and a bit queen sized, but I love her all the same. I will be introducing her soon.

And although I still have quite a bit of holiday decorating to do, I thought I’d share a pic of my new Christmas tree. He is so perfect and fat and I love to see him twinkling through the window. Just love love love this time of year.

DSC_0012My little studio is really starting to feel like a home.

P.S. Check out my tree topper… HOW ‘BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!