Gallery Additions

Those of you that know me best know that I’m a total junkie for live music. Getting to see my favorite bands live is a feeling that never gets old. There is something about each imperfection and the way the music fills every last inch of my whole self that always keeps me coming back for more. Each show is unique and memorable in its own right, so I like to keep reminders around me of those experiences. Pictures and videos are always good to have, but my favorite thing to take away from a live show is the set list, particularly if I’ve seen that particular band more than once. It’s nice to have a way to remember how each show was different from the last. Some of my smaller set lists I keep pinned in my cube at work, but two of my set lists from this year got framed and added to the gallery. I ordered two simple black frames when I ordered my bigger poster frames from K-mart. I threw on a quick layer of gray paint to match the rest of my gallery frames and quickly added them to the wall. Sorry for the low quality photos. I only had my iPhone with me.

photo 2

Adding the set lists made for some strange empty spaces, so I’ll be filling those in soon. I also added a sweet little banner above my headboard, which I think makes the space feel a little more complete.

photo 3


I’ve Been Framed

One of the first projects I tackled  in this apartment was hanging art above my recliner. However, after the art was hung it needed to be switched… and quickly! While I speedily made the decision to take that artwork down, it took me  7 months to finally decide on a replacement. Truth is I couldn’t be happier with my choice. Once again, my patience was rewarded! I had three posters from some of my favorite artists: the Wheeler Brothers, the Kopecky Family Band, and Shakey Graves. (Go on… give ’em a listen. You won’t regret it). These guys sat lonely on my kitchen table for months before I finally caved and bought 3 matching frames from K-Mart (surprisingly not ugly and affordable). I popped those suckers in there, did some brain splitting measurements, and finally got them on the wall. The result is spectacular.





I could not be happier. I hope to add three more on the opposing wall at some point, but don’t have more posters to fill the emptiness just yet. If only I could get some from other favorite bands of mine ::cough:: Marmalakes ::cough:: Wild Child ::cough:: Anyways. Very much enjoying my wall. I find myself staring at it randomly throughout the evening. But I finished school, so I’m allowed to do that now.

Love At First Sight

One addition to my home that I have been desperately searching for was a small entry table to live under my new mirror. The hunt has proven to be quite the challenge. The table had to be just right – not so deep that it would interfere with opening my front door, not so wide that it would run into my electrical outlets, and tall enough to meet my mirror at the right height. I didn’t want to just buy any old table online and decided I would wait for the right piece to find me. And Saturday afternoon it did! I was browsing at the Ross near me, which usually has quite the skimpy furniture collection, but there she was. And let me tell you, she is truly perfect.

Here she is! Trying to name her because she really is name-worthy. Suggestions are welcome.



I love that I now have a place for my larger hardbacks. That Young House Love book has been begging for a better home! The hardware is also removable so I plan on finding something a bit anthro inspired to better match the rest of the space.


Ain’t she a beaut?

Subtle Changes

I love how even the smallest of additions can make spaces in my home feel so much closer to complete. Over inauguration weekend, a dear friend of mine came to visit from NYC and with her she brought a darling metal “A” for my new place. Not sure if it was by chance or she is just extremely observant and thoughtful, but it matched perfectly with my new photo gallery wall.

This weekend, I finally added it to my gallery and it makes the whole thing feel so much more complete. Here’s what she looks like:




Cute, no? I really really love how it turned out. Thanks, V for the awesome A! I’m hoping to add more frames in the future, but I want it to evolve slowly. Until then.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

In my previous apartment I had a photo frame collage on my wall that I loved. The only thing I didn’t love? The frames were black. They always felt too heavy and a little too traditional for my style. So when I moved to my little Old Town haven I knew I wanted to spruce them up.

One of my January Cure projects was to paint my frames grey and finally arrange a new and improved photo frame gallery on my wall. So this weekend, I finally bit the bullet and tackled yet another project for January.

I started by laying out half of my frames out on some old newspaper, mixed my paint, and got a’ workin’.

Closet Curtain and Frames 028When they were finally all painted and dried, I decided to replace the photos inside to change things up a bit. Then I laid the frames out in a pattern that felt thoughtful but still a bit haphazard.

DSC_0001I then flipped each frame over and covered them with a big sheet of wax paper.

DSC_0002Using a gold sharpie, I traced the outline of each frame and marked a dot where the hook of the frame was.

DSC_0004Then I taped the piece of wax paper to my wall so that I could center the collage.

DSC_0007Next I hammered a nail into each of the dots I had marked on the wax paper (sorry neighbors), tore down the paper, and hung each frame. Here is the end result:





I really love how it turned out, and I’m excited that I left myself room to allow it to grow. I’m so looking forward to making some 2013 memories to add to my wall.

Pay No Attention to the Clothes Behind the Curtain

FINALLYYYY! I finally finally made the curtain for my one baby closet that houses my entire life. I ordered the burlap months ago but never got around to actually making the curtain. But today? Curtain is hung and I am a happy girl.

I originally learned how to make no-sew curtains when I started reading Young House Love two years ago. Since then they’ve become a DIY love of mine. I made my current curtains for my old apartment and made my sister a set of snazzy yellow and grey curtains. So I was looking forward to tackling a project I had done before.

When I finally unraveled my yards of burlap I realized that I got less than I ordered and was about 7 inches short. So I started by trimming 4 inches off width wise which gave me a few extra scraps and the potential to get creative.

Closet Curtain and Frames 004

After I trimmed the edges, I needed to hem them. I prefer to iron the hem first so I can see the edge without committing to anything.

Closet Curtain and Frames 011

After I had the hem ironed down, I placed my Heat n’ Bond hem tape in the crease and ironed the hem closed.

Closet Curtain and Frames 022

After I had both sides hemmed, I needed to add some length to my curtain. I started by taking my scraps and cutting them into four pieces. Then I just hemmed them to the bottom of the curtain, which created a cute striped detail.

Closet Curtain and Frames 023

(And I trimmed that little bit of excess on the end). Then I took some jute string I had and threaded it across the top of the curtain so that I could hang the panel.

Closet Curtain and Frames 025

The final product? Heaven.

Closet Curtain and Frames 039

Closet Curtain and Frames 038

Here’s a better look at the striped detail at the bottom.

Closet Curtain and Frames 043

And I just love how it looks next to my necklaces.

Closet Curtain and Frames 041

Happy heart ❤

But s*** it was 99 cents!

I’m back. The hiatus is over and after a month of letting my hair down, lots of reflection, and a few key moments of clarity I am so ready to tackle this new year and enjoy all it has to offer.

My new years resolution? If it makes me happy I should do it. If it gives me butterflies I should buy it. If it makes me feel awesome I should wear it.

So I decided to start my year off with something that equally makes me happy, gives me butterflies, and makes me feel awesome… why a BARGAIN of course!

If you’ve yet to hear Macklemore’s Thrift Shop, here’s where I change your life.

If you know me, then you know that this hands down wins as my theme song. I don’t pay full price for anything, and the Arlington Goodwill and I are well acquainted. One of my best Goodwill wins wasn’t even mine but was this killer bench I helped Young Scholar’s Life refinish. Macklemore also makes for a pretty killer bargain hunting soundtrack.

So the year began poppin’ some tags (at TJMaxx not the Goodwill but close enough) and by the end of the night I was home with an incredible new rug which originally cost over $300. I, however, only paid $120.


The rug covers nearly the entire floor of my living area, which makes the space feel so much cozier and more easily allows for floor-living, which of course includes floor-DIYing, floor-reading, and floor-west-wing-watching. I also love how very anthro it feels without the anthro price. Because, let’s be real… who can afford a $20 teacup? Not this lady.


My pretty new rug was not my only bargain that day. I also managed to snag this equally-anthro-feeling mirror that I’m totally obsessed with at less than half the original price.


It lives right by my front door which is incredibly convenient in the mornings when I’m running late to work. I also hope to buy a nice, compact buffet or sideboard for the empty space underneath it. It’s on the to-do list.

The only problem now? My curtains no longer match at all, which means I’ll need to make new ones… oh shucks 🙂 So at the end of the day, I paid more than 99 cents (sorry Macklemore), but I certainly got a bargain. Not to mention I’m absolutely loving my new additions.

Happy. Butterflies. Awesome. I could get used to 2013.