I’ve Been Framed

One of the first projects I tackled  in this apartment was hanging art above my recliner. However, after the art was hung it needed to be switched… and quickly! While I speedily made the decision to take that artwork down, it took me  7 months to finally decide on a replacement. Truth is I couldn’t be happier with my choice. Once again, my patience was rewarded! I had three posters from some of my favorite artists: the Wheeler Brothers, the Kopecky Family Band, and Shakey Graves. (Go on… give ’em a listen. You won’t regret it). These guys sat lonely on my kitchen table for months before I finally caved and bought 3 matching frames from K-Mart (surprisingly not ugly and affordable). I popped those suckers in there, did some brain splitting measurements, and finally got them on the wall. The result is spectacular.





I could not be happier. I hope to add three more on the opposing wall at some point, but don’t have more posters to fill the emptiness just yet. If only I could get some from other favorite bands of mine ::cough:: Marmalakes ::cough:: Wild Child ::cough:: Anyways. Very much enjoying my wall. I find myself staring at it randomly throughout the evening. But I finished school, so I’m allowed to do that now.