Gallery Additions

Those of you that know me best know that I’m a total junkie for live music. Getting to see my favorite bands live is a feeling that never gets old. There is something about each imperfection and the way the music fills every last inch of my whole self that always keeps me coming back for more. Each show is unique and memorable in its own right, so I like to keep reminders around me of those experiences. Pictures and videos are always good to have, but my favorite thing to take away from a live show is the set list, particularly if I’ve seen that particular band more than once. It’s nice to have a way to remember how each show was different from the last. Some of my smaller set lists I keep pinned in my cube at work, but two of my set lists from this year got framed and added to the gallery. I ordered two simple black frames when I ordered my bigger poster frames from K-mart. I threw on a quick layer of gray paint to match the rest of my gallery frames and quickly added them to the wall. Sorry for the low quality photos. I only had my iPhone with me.

photo 2

Adding the set lists made for some strange empty spaces, so I’ll be filling those in soon. I also added a sweet little banner above my headboard, which I think makes the space feel a little more complete.

photo 3


I’ve Been Framed

One of the first projects I tackled  in this apartment was hanging art above my recliner. However, after the art was hung it needed to be switched… and quickly! While I speedily made the decision to take that artwork down, it took me  7 months to finally decide on a replacement. Truth is I couldn’t be happier with my choice. Once again, my patience was rewarded! I had three posters from some of my favorite artists: the Wheeler Brothers, the Kopecky Family Band, and Shakey Graves. (Go on… give ’em a listen. You won’t regret it). These guys sat lonely on my kitchen table for months before I finally caved and bought 3 matching frames from K-Mart (surprisingly not ugly and affordable). I popped those suckers in there, did some brain splitting measurements, and finally got them on the wall. The result is spectacular.





I could not be happier. I hope to add three more on the opposing wall at some point, but don’t have more posters to fill the emptiness just yet. If only I could get some from other favorite bands of mine ::cough:: Marmalakes ::cough:: Wild Child ::cough:: Anyways. Very much enjoying my wall. I find myself staring at it randomly throughout the evening. But I finished school, so I’m allowed to do that now.